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Library Services

The Ossining Public Library offers a variety of service and technology


The Ossining Library has 45 computers available for public use. To log onto a public computer, you will need your library card number. If you don’t have your library card or do not know your number, library staff would be happy to look up your record for you.

Users of the library’s computer and internet must adhere to the Internet Use Policy [PDF)

The library has four computer areas, each equipped with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word; Google Chrome; Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Each of the computer areas is also equipped with printers for public use. It costs 15 cents per page for black & white printouts and 35 cents per page for color pages.

Downstairs Adult Lab

  • 23 computers running Window.
  • To use the computers in the Adult Lab, patrons must have be at least 12 years old and have an adult library card.
  • Patrons in the Adult Lab are allowed 4 sessions each day, at 1 hour per session.
  • The Adult Lab has two printers available for public use. 

Reference Computer Area

  • 8 computers running Windows
  • To use the computers in the Reference area, patrons must be 12 years old and have a adult library card.
  • Patrons in the Reference area are allowed 4 sessions each day, at 1 hour per session.
  • The Reference area has a printer for public use. 

Children’s Computer Area

  • 8 computers running Windows
  • Only Juvenile library cards (birth to 12 years old) are permitted to use the computers in the children’s room
  • Patrons in the children’s room are allowed 4 sessions each day, at 30 minutes per session
  • The children’s area has a printer for public use. 

Teen Computer Area

  • 5 computers running Windows
  • To use the computers in the teen area, patrons must be 12 years old or in 7th grade and have an adult library card.
  • Patrons in the Teen Room are allowed 4 sessions each day, at 1 hour per session.
  • The Teen Room has a has a printer for public use. 


The Ossining Library has printers available on the 1st and 2nd floors, located near the computers.

Printing fees:
$0.15 per page for black and white printing
$0.35 per page for color printing

Printing at the Library:
Patrons may print by logging in to one of the computers located at the library.

Mobile Printing
Use the app:
Install the PrinterOn app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Nook to send print jobs. To learn more about the Printeron app click http://www.printeron.com/apps.

Important: When using the “web” button within PrinterOn app, font size may appear larger than normal.

You can use the coded URL below if you are using an iOS device:

Use the web
Send print jobs via a web portal by using this link: http://www.printeron.net/wls/oss

Use email
Print an email or attachment by emailing to one of the following unique addresses:

Black and White: wls-oss-bw@printspots.com
Color: wls-oss-color@printspots.com

Patrons with Windows PCs who print frequently can streamline their printing process by downloading and installing the “PrintWhere Driver” on their computer. For help visit http://www.printeron.com/services-support/downloads.html.

How to pick up your print job
Print jobs can be retrieved at any of the Print Release Stations in the library, located at the computer lab on the first floor, and in reference and the teen room on the second floor.

Important: all print jobs are held for 4 hours.


To connect to our network, start your device, choose the library’s network (Ossining Library) and then launch your web browser, which will take you to a rules and regulations page. Once you accept the rules and regulations, your device’s homepage will appear and you will be fully connected.


The library has three photocopiers available for public use. The copies are located

  • On the first floor, behind the Information Desk
  • In the Children’s Room
  • On the second floor, at the top of the stairs

Black and white copies are 15 centers per page. Color copies are 35 cents a page.

Library staff is happy to help you use the photocopiers.


The photocopier on the second floor has a scanner function.  All scanning is free of charge.

The scanner supports PDF documents, JPEG images, and TIFF images.

To use the scanner, you must have a USB drive. If you do not have a flash drive of your own, the Adult Services staff will be happy to loan you one.

Fax Machine

The library offers a fax machine for public use, located at the 2nd floor Adult Services desk.

To send a fax, the machine requires a credit card, debit card or a prepaid fax card. Prepaid fax cards for up to 3 pages may be purchased at the library. The cost to send a fax within the United States is $1.75 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. To send a fax internationally, the cost is $3.95 for the first page and $3.45 for each additional page. Patrons can visit faxscan24.com to check the status of their fax.

Homebound Delivery

If you can’t get to the library because you are confined to home, let us bring the library to you! We deliver books, audiobooks, and CDs from the library’s collection.

We also have special resources available, including large print books and large print Reader’s Digests. All materials may be borrowed for up to one month.

Homebound delivery is available free of charge to Ossining residents. Deliveries and pick-up of materials take place once a month, by volunteers. To arrange this service for yourself or someone you know, please call (914)941-2416, ext. 320 or email oplanswers@wlsmail.org

Field Goods Pickup

Field Goods is a subscription service that delivers locally grown fruits and vegetables to its customers, year-round. The library is a designated pick-up location for Field Goods subscribers, with orders available to pick up in the Friends’ Corner on the first floor, every Tuesday from 2-6:00 p/m.

To learn more, visit www.field-goods.com