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Karen LaRocca-Fels, Library Director
(914)941-2416, ext. 333

Molly W. Robbins, Assistant Director
(914)941-2416, ext. 345

Bob Majernik, Senior Bookkeeper
(914)941-2416, ext. 332

Kathy Beirne, Secretary to Library Director
(914)941-2416, ext. 335

Wasan Syananondh, Staff Assistant
(914) 941-2416, ext. 331

Adult Services

Molly W. Robbins, Assistant Director (Acting Department Head)
(914)941-2416, ext. 345

Bill Broadnax, Librarian

Cheryl Cohen, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 315

Scott Craven, Library Assistant

Aimee Gutierrez, Library Assistant

John Hawkins, Librarian

Bonnie Katz, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 318

Linda Levine, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 317

Francesca Lombardo, Library Assistant

Jack Oxton, Librarian

Heather Pullem, Librarian

Allison Robbins, Library Assistant

Children's Services

Marci Dressler, Head of Children’s Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 325

Debbie Fletcher, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 324

Kevin Robinson, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 322

Tricia Sabini, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 323

Circulation & Technical Services

Marie Trapasso, Head of Circulation and Technical Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 304

Barbara Williams, Senior Library Clerk


Programming & Public Relations

Carry Cubillos, Cultural Programming Specialist
(914)941-2416, ext. 348

Mallory Marinaro, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
(914)941-2416, ext. 358

Janice Noto-Helmers, Graphic Designer

Guillermo Rodriguez, Library Assistant
(914)941-2416, ext. 326

James Trapasso, Programming and Events Coordinator
(914)941-2416, ext. 327

Teen Services

Suzy Zavarella, Head of Teen Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 314

Louis Crisci, Library Assistant

Neera Dayal, Library Assistant

Susan McCormack, Librarian

Catherine Riedel, Library Assistant