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Madeline Zachacz

Secretary - 2nd term, expires 2019

Madeline Zachacz has lived in Ossining all of her life and has spent a vast amount of that time in the Ossining Public Library.

Madeline graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 2008 with a B.A. in Urban and Public Policy Studies and earned her M.S. in Urban Policy Analysis from The New School in 2010. Madeline feels that Ossining already has one of the best and most diverse education programs around and fostering this intellectual growth in our library is an important way of securing Ossining’s future.

Madeline currently serves as the Budget Officer and Aide to the Supervisor for the Town of Ossining. She has a very informed view of what strains a budget can live with or without and is comfortable communicating the rationale for every dollar spent and does not hesitate to call attention to where it could be saved.