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How much do you know about our world?

Jul 29, 2019 | Children's Room

Discover Your World has begun again! Now in its fifth year, our summer geography program drew a record 48 registrations this year!

Each week the participants receive an information packet stuffed with facts about a particular topic of geography. Week one focused on the Natural World, covering rivers, mountains, seas, and continents. Week two changed gears to talk about human constructions like skyscrapers, bridges, and historic buildings. Week three changed topic to countries. There is a lot of information to study in each pack!

At each session starts with a warm up activity to get everyone’s head in the game. Then we have a snack with a global flare.

After that, the main event begins. Questions are asked non-stop. Players are given 4 lifelines to help them along, including the vital “Oops!” that lets them miss one question. But, once they miss a second question, they are out. The last player standing is the winner.

Because the game only ends once everyone has missed twice, the questions are tough. They have to be, or else it would take forever!
If you can answer the challenging trivia and outlast your rivals, you get to take home a nice prize and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Discover Your World runs for six weeks on Tuesdays at 4:00. August 13 will be our finale, where we find this year’s grand champion. Come watch or pick up an info pack and join the competition!