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It’s so much fun to make a mess…

Dec 12, 2018 | Children's Room


Each week in I ♥ Art, kids ages 5 & up have been creating their own masterpieces. In each session, we take a look at a different artist, illustrator, or technique. We’ve had some amazing work come out of this program. Just take a look at the photos on our flickr pages.

But this week, our kids outdid themselves. Our artist was Jackson Pollock, who everyone knew was famous for pouring and throwing paint at his canvasses. To keep the mess to a minimum, we painted with pieces of yarn, which, it turns out, is only slightly less messy, but gives the effect of a Pollock painting. As you can imagine, there was a lot of enthusiasm for this method of painting.

One young artist, whose hands were covered in paint, put her hand prints on an extra piece of paper, only to later decide to use that to create a new painting.

Even the aftermath of the program looks like a work of art!

This is our last week of programs in our Fall schedule. We’ll be back in early January with more fun. I ♥ Art will be back on January 9.